About the artist

                                                                             Let history be your teacher, and beauty your companion.

This thesis supports me throughout all creative activity, that everyone could see and touch the art of the Bas-relief.

Love for art came to me from childhood. I liked to create unusual pictures from all that was molded in my hands. Having graduated from the Art School in the city of Brovary, I entered the Kiev College of Construction, Architecture and Design, and got an education in the specialty “Architect of Buildings and Structures”. I was engaged in the creative organization of designers “project porada”. In creative search I worked with many art techniques, so I discovered for myself the relief paintings and chose the direction – bas-relief. Having experience and artistic skills, I quickly mastered this technique. It has become for me a creative ray of art. Inspiration and perseverance accompany me in the active work on the creation of works in the technique of bas-relief.

BARELEF is a sculptural, three-dimensional 3D composition that differs in form, structure, and color from all other works. For active years of work, I developed my technique of creating bas-relief and applying color. Each work is unique, because it is done manually and it is not possible to repeat it in accuracy. The volume of drawing, applying strokes, changing the color of work under lighting, gives a bas-relief of refinement.

The bas-relief is widely used in various countries of the world and acquires active popularity in Ukraine. I attach great importance to the development of the bas-relief in Ukraine, since it is such pictures that are today becoming the most successful in the event that one wants to depart from the patterned decisions of art. It is always modern and creative.

I support people’s interest in bas-relief and develop. Presentation of the technique of bas-relief on the master classes of the Art classes. Systematic presentation of the technique of bas-relief on the networks of “Epicenter” in the decor department. Master classes in educational institutions and on television. Classes bas-relief are open for any age, children easily perceive it, it promotes the development of thinking.

The bas-relief of handwork is in demand in the decoration of the room, as the plot emphasizes the uniqueness of the design. Each composition can carry an individual decision and vision of the host. Bas-relief panels can be made on a wall, fireplace, column or other elements of the room. Painting – bas-relief will be an excellent gift and decoration.

This technique is where to develop and I with my Art Studio Bas-relief are actively engaged in this, embodying all the new ideas into reality.

Participation in art exhibitions:

01/17/2016. Participation in the ART-Violity Contemporary Art Exhibition, Violity Antiques Auction, Kiev, Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce;
Since 2015, the teaching of the technique of bas-relief in the art studio PRIZMA, Brovary, ul. Gagarin 4;
2015g. Participation in the open competition of Ukrainian and British artists UKRAINE.
July 14, 2015. Performance on the TV channel 1 + 1 in the program “Breakfast from 1 + 1”, on the air drew a picture bas-relief “Poppies”.
Systematic presentation of the technique of bas-relief and display of paintings at secular events in the city of Kiev and Brovary;
2015g. The passage to the final of the all-Ukrainian talent contest ArtaLiga. With a picture-bas-relief “Autumn Grapes”;
03/07/2015. Participation of paintings-bas-relief “Cranes”, “Autumn grapes” in the show THE VELVET. (Concert hall Metropol);
2013 – 2014 Performance with pictures “The Holy Martyr of Holodomor”, “The Angel of Peace”, and verses in the “National Memorial of Victims of Holodomor”, Kiev, transfer of my works to the museum fund. Receiving thanks from the museum.
2014-2015. Systematic participation with paintings – bas-relief from the Art-Gallery “Arka” in the “Young Theater” and “Sozvezdie”, Kiev;
2013y. Passing with a picture-bas-relief “Grapes” to the third (final) stage of the competition “Crystal Palette”;
26.03.2016. PresentationArtStudio Bas-relief of Yakubovskaya Yana at the largest international construction exhibition of the year InterBuildExpo 2016;
06.04. 2016 – the opening of a personal exhibition of bas-relief paintings “Sutchesniy poglyad na barelyєf” in the “Brovarsky Regional Museum”, Brovary, ul. Gagarin 6;
18.09.2016. – presentation bas-relief of paintings from ArtStudio Bas-relief on GogolFest 2016
10/21/2016. Presentation of works by ArtStudio Bas-relief of Yakubovskaya Yana on the Culture channel in the program “Ranok z kulturoyu”;
25.01.2017. Obtaining a patent for creating relief paintings on hard surfaces.