Teaching bas-relief

People’s interest in the bas-relief of Art Studio Bas-relief of Yakubovskaya Yana actively supports and develops. Presentation of the technique of bas-relief on the master classes of the Art classes. Systematic presentation of the technique of bas-relief on the networks of “Epicenter” in the decor department. Master classes in educational institutions and on television. Classes bas-relief are open for any age, children easily perceive it, it promotes the development of thinking.

On the technique of creating a bas-relief, classes and master classes are regularly held. This is a new and interesting art form aimed at creating three-dimensional paintings. Everyone who has tried this technology will not remain indifferent to it, since it is such pictures that are today becoming the most successful in the event that one wants to depart from the art of the art. Everything that is created in this technique is unique.

The training is aimed at the development in the technique of bas-relief, it is a picture of a large format, panels on walls, fireplaces, mirrors framed by bas-relief.

Classes bas-relief are open for any age, especially children easily perceive it, as it contributes to the development of thinking.

To try this technology we invite you to group or individual lessons in the studio. There are classes at home or holding a master class. For classes and a master class, a phone call in contacts.