Decorative plaster

Decorative plaster is the most practical and unique clothing for the walls of any room.
There are a lot of materials for wall decoration. Decorative plaster remains one of the best – the simplicity of finishing works and the effectiveness of the result make decorative plaster an excellent choice. Modern man can not imagine himself without a comfortable, most comfortable home. Making a home repair, or arranging the face of your business – the office, many of us are lost in the vast ocean of proposals for paintwork. Recent trends show that buyers are increasingly choosing to decorate walls do not prefer banal wallpaper, but universal coatings.

Decorative plasters have good resistance to mechanical influences, they have excellent adhesion to various materials, so that they can be applied to any surface: brick, cement, concrete, plasterboard, wood and others. This coating is universal, does not require complicated care of yourself. It is ideal for people who prefer practical solutions in decoration.

Advantages of decorative plaster:

Environmentally friendly material.
Seamless application.
Does not fade in the sun.
Not flammable.

Decorative plasters are a variety of finishing decorative coatings for walls and ceilings of the interior, or exterior, with the help of which are created strong, smooth, or relief surfaces with various interesting and unique patterns and effects. Decorative plasters are used for refined and practical finishing of premises from ancient times, many of them have passed the test for centuries and are popular today, others have appeared quite recently. Matte, or shiny, smooth, or embossed, with a pearl or velvet tint, neat, or vice versa, antique, or natural stone, in a classic or exclusive application technique … An unbelievable number of variations of textures, effects, methods and application techniques, A huge amount of materials with different properties, appeared recently in the Ukrainian market, make the process of selecting wall coverings interesting and fascinating.</font>