<Sp1.The cost of an artistic bas-relief?

The cost of an artistic bas-relief depends on:

– difficulties;
– fillability, detailed drawing;
– altitude placement;
– the amount of the drawing.
– color range of work;
– remoteness of the object.
Simplified work from 90 $ / m² (the work area is more than 10m.kv., in the figure there is a lot of sky and water, the square of the picture is filled less than half, if possible work is done on the canvas, then mounted on the object.

The average complexity of the work is from 120$ / m²   (moderate detailing of the work, the filling of the square of the work is more than half. The work is done in one color scale).

The complicated work from 150 $/ m² (the figure that has many small and precise details (architecture, people), the square of the work is filled in completely, the volume of the work of the drawing turns into a high relief .The color scale is more than one color).

The price of work on the ceiling or the manufacture of a 3D modeled ceiling is discussed individually;

Payment for work is gradual based on the percentage of work preparedness.

2. What materials and tools are used to create an artistic bas-relief?
According to the characteristics for the manufacture of the bas-relief you need a material that keeps the shape and volume, elastic, easy to apply, long hardening to lay out a pattern that is strong after hardening. To perform the bas-relief, use a certified environmentally friendly acrylic material that is characteristic of these characteristics. The technique of applying a bas-relief with the use of artistic techniques and elements, the molding itself is performed with the clever movements of the palette knife, transferring ideas into a picture.

3. How should the prepared wall be prepared for an artistic bas-relief?
The bas-relief is made on the prepared surface in advance, the wall should be leveled, plastered and primed. If the panel is in a room with high humidity, then an antifungal primer is used. When the wall is uneven, the alignment issue is discussed individually, since the bas-relief can hide and even emphasize irregularities.

4. Ordering.
The bas-relief on the wall is executed according to the sketch. The sketch can be offered by the customer or selected together with the artist.

The selected image should be sent to me by e-mail or vyberu, as well as a photo of the wall and its dimensions, where there will be a bas-relief. In this case, I will be able to estimate the cost and time of work.

In case you have not decided on the image for the bas-relief, send me a photo and the size of the wall where the bas-relief is planned, as well as your wishes that you would like to see on your wall. We together with you will select a picture of a bas-relief for your interior.

After the image is selected, it is necessary to inspect the room and walls, to clarify all the details of work on the bas-relief. During the inspection, we will discuss the complication / simplification of the image, the price, the terms of execution and the mode of access to the premises. After discussing these issues, the final price is determined by the bas-relief

5. What influences the time of the artistic bas-relief on the wall?
The process of working on the bas-relief is divided into stages. Therefore, the adjustment of the plot of the picture by the customer is possible only at the first stages of the work. Since after making a picture, changing it is almost impossible. At the same time, corrections or additions increase the term for the execution of the order, and significant adjustments can lead to an increase in the cost of work.

The agreed terms of work on the bas-relief can increase when creating complex or non-standard work, as well as from unforeseen circumstances.

6. How to buy a painting from the artist?
It’s no secret that it is more profitable to buy paintings directly from the artist, since it is cheaper and 100% original than doing it through intermediaries.

On my site you can see the photos of the finished works, and through contacts will agree with me about viewing the work you liked. Since the most professional photo will not give the whole volume of bas-relief, color scale and individuality of the picture. It is also possible to make a picture on request from the picture you like.